Family Hub
Samsung Frige

Family Hub Refrigerator


Family Hub Refrigerator Manage food easily (1)Manage your food more effectively and reduce waste. You can save money and eat fresher food. See inside using the screen or a smartphone and add items to a shopping list with a touch or voice command. It even provides recipes suggestions. (2)View inside anywhere Look in your fridge without opening the door. The ViewInside feature’s 3 internal cameras let you see inside using the screen or a smartphone. The food expiration date is automatically tagged. You can add items to a shopping list or include reminders. And when shopping you can check what you have. (3)Watch TV and cook Watch all of your favorite TV programs or mobile content while you are cooking. It can display whatever is showing on any Samsung Smart TV or mobile phonein your home on the Family Hub’s screen. Simply open the App on the Family Hub’s screen and choose the TV or smart device you want mirrored. (4)Revolutionary triple cooling A Triple Cooling System independently controls and optimizes the temperature, maximizes humidity and prevents odors mixing in 3 compartments.A Metal Cooling plate also helps keep the air cool to maintain freshness.